Enzo Suspension Products

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Enzo is a world leader in the design of innovative suspension products. With a strong constant development programme that enables Enzo Technica to continually offer the ultimate in suspension products.

Enzo Technica Compression Adjuster

Provides consistent damping control over a wide range of track conditions. Easily tuned for MX, Supercross, cross-country racing. Inner clicker allows for smooth transition from low to high speed damping and removes the harsh spikes associated with stock dual clicker set-ups. Low speed bleed works alongside bleed shims to keep the shock higher in the stroke to work with the less progressive part of the linkage ratio for plush feel.

Enzo Technica SDS Secondary Damping System

Plush, progressive with higher bottoming control. Better oil flow than stock, taking advantage of the oil outside of the cartridge to aid damping. Creates a much smoother feeling fork with less harshness. Allows for firmer settings to be used for increased stability, without sacrificing ride comfort.

Enzo Technica Adjuster Fork Caps

No more sticking a screwdriver between the bars! Make quick adjustments with gloved hands – no need to ride back to your tool box. Dial in your forks for track conditions – just click-it!

Enzo Technica YZF High Velocity Bump Rubber Kit

More progressive taper design over stock, giving higher bottoming resistance. Billet anodized fitting hardware.

Enzo Technica High Volume Bladder Caps

Increased gas capacity over stock, higher volume for less fade. No external valve to break off. Trick factory styling.

Enzo Technica Pre-Load Brackets

Eliminates need for stock locking ring. Easy to use for fast pre-load adjustment (sag setting). No more hitting with a hammer and punch. Lighter unit than standard.

Enzo Technica Bladder Cap

Alters the stock gas nitrogen capacity. Gives a more stable feel with less wallowing.

Fits YZ 250F 2019, YZ450F 2018-2019

Enzo Technica SDS Secondary Damping System For YZF

Promotes better oil flow than stock. Uses outer cylinder to aid damping. Smoother fork action with less harshness and stronger bottoming control. Kit complete with springs.

Fits YZ 250F 2019, YZ 450F 2018-2019

Enzo Technica KYB Factory Kashima Outer Tubes

Full factory look and finish. State-of-the-art coating for lower friction, technical improvement with control stability and durability. Distinctive factory gold colour.

Enzo Technica Hoodie

U.S. team style. Look hot in cool weather.
Available in M, L or XL.

Enzo Technica TShirt

U.S. team style for sunny days. Look cool in hot weather.
Available in S, M, L or XL.