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Denicol Additives

Denicol Sub Zero Water Cooler

Sub-Zero Water Cooler lowers engine operating temperature by as much as +/- 10°C. Unlike water and other substances it dissipates heat evenly. Avoids hot spots and releases hidden horse power. Improves carburation and aids hot starting.
Before using Sub-Zero Water Cooler, rinse and flush the cooling system completely.

Premixed - Ready to use - Frost resistant up to -28°C
Phosphate free - non toxic - Bio degradable
Aluminium and magnesium safe.

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Denicol Cooling Liquid Moto

Cooling Liquid is a special cooling agent for cross, enduro and road engines with water cooling. It gives effective protection against corrosion and prevents lime deposits. Frost protection down to -26 °C.

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Denicol Turbo Booster

The additive can be used with 2-stroke mixture or 4-stroke fuel. It has the following advantages:
- strikingly increases the engine power because of its octane stimulating capabilities
- significantly improves combustion purity
- decreases soot and carbon deposits
- increases the compression ratio

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